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If you have any questions about your move to Carlsbad, this free Carlsbad relocation package will help you answer them. The information includes a variety of brochures, magazines and materials to help you discover all that Carlsbad has to offer.
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Complete Carlsbad relocation information

When you order this free Carlsbad relocation package, you'll receive a collection of relocation materials filled with helpful information about moving to Carlsbad.    Click here to order the free Carlsbad relocation package. There is a $10 charge for postage.
Each publication covers a different view of the Carlsbad lifestyle and will answer your questions about relocating to Carlsbad. As you look forward to moving to Carlsbad, you'll enjoying looking through these Carlsbad relocation guides.
Here's what's included in this Carlsbad relocation package to help you move to Carlsbad with greater ease.

Moving To Carlsbad Magazine

1. Visit Carlsbad Magazine

This full-color addition to your Carlsbad relocation package is very popular with those who are thinking about moving to Carlsbad. They like how so much information about the Carlsbad lifestyle is presented in such an easy-to-read, well-organized manner.

So much to offer

Outlined in the Visit Carlsbad Magazine is information on Carlsbad beaches, hiking trails and lagoons, history, annual events, golf courses and other local attractions. It also has a review of our top shopping centers, restaurants and hotels.

And much more . . .

The Visit Carlsbad Magazine will help with your Carlsbad relocation with information on rentals and condominiums as well as California driving and other transportation. There is also a Carlsbad map showing the major sites and attractions.

Fine Magazine

2. Fine Magazine

A recent copy of Fine Magazine is a part of your Carlsbad relocation package. This first-class, full-color publication covers many aspects of the exciting Carlsbad lifestyle including dining, the arts, entertainment and local leaders. Elegant homes and gardens in Carlsbad are also featured in each issue. When you're moving to Carlsbad, this magazine will help you enjoy your Carlsbad relocation experience.

This publication is a real treat

In your personal copy of Fine Magazine is information to really experience Carlsbad at a personal level. Discover the best that Carlsbad has to offer - from the finest places to dine and visit, to local politics and the people who shape the region. Fine Magazine is a great addition to the Carlsbad relocation package.

Carlsbad Relocation Guide

3. Carlsbad Business Resource Guide

You'll receive the Carlsbad Business Resource Guide, a 150-page booklet, published by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. This handy guide is filled with helpful, easy-to-read information and photographs that will assist you in moving to Carlsbad.

Explore the many resources in Carlsbad

The Carlsbad Business Resource Guide includes a complete business directory of Carlsbad goods and services, a calendar of events, the history of Carlsbad and other community information.

Information on Carlsbad Schools

Schools are a top priority for parents moving to Carlsbad. The Carlsbad Business Resource Guide has complete data on Carlsbad Schools, including academic rankings and a list of all the schools, private and public. Also included is information on healthcare facilities, recreational opportunities and places to stay.

Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Relocation Guide

4. San Diego North Economic Outlook

The free Carlsbad relocation package also includes the San Diego North Economic Outlook. If you're moving to Carlsbad, you'll appreciate the detailed information in this helpful guide, published by the San Diego North Economic Council.

More of what you want to know

The San Diego North Economic Outlook covers all the facts and figures of interest to people relocating to Carlsbad. Included are demographics, economic statistics and a description of the various segments of the North San Diego business communities.  

Hard-to-find Carlsbad relocation information

You'll learn about the Carlsbad business scene ranging from transportation, healthcare, tourism, banking, education, high tech and biotech to agriculture, manufacturing, defense and action sports. These are all business things you'll want to know when you're moving to Carlsbad.

San Diego County Highway Map

5. San Diego County Highway Map

Rand McNally's full-size, fold-out map featuring the streets and highways of San Diego County, is a must-have for anyone relocating to Carlsbad. If you're moving to Carlsbad, the San Diego County Highway Map, offers unbeatable accuracy and reliability. It retails for $5.95 and is included in the Carlsbad relocation package.

The best San Diego highway map

The Rand McNally San Diego County Highway Map shows the major Interstate, U.S., state and county highways, along with all the local roads and streets in San Diego County. Keep this San Diego County Highway Map close at hand, if you're moving to Carlsbad.   Click here to order the Carlsbad relocation package. There is a $10 charge for postage.

California Home Buying Guide

6. California Home Buyers Guide

If you're moving to Carlsbad, you may discover that buying a
home in California is more complicated than in other states. That's why you'll want the California Home Buying Guide - to help simplify the process. This 32-page, 8 1/2" x 11", full-color booklet
covers all the details of buying a home in California from start
to finish. Published by First American Corporation, this booklet
is a valuable resource when you're moving to Carlsbad.

Simplify the home buying process

The California Home Buying Guide discusses home ownership, outlines the escrow process, reviews title insurance and goes
over the loan process as well as the different types of loans. It
gives a break-down of typical buyer/seller costs, covers property taxes, includes a chart on the different ways to hold title and has a glossary of real estate terms.

San Diego County Golf Guide

7. San Diego Golf Guide

With the almost perfect, year-round San Diego Climate, we are one of the premier golf destinations in the country. Low rainfall and moderate temperatures provide perfect days for golfers to enjoy their game all four seasons! This 32-page San Diego Golf Guide with information on 38 of our best golf courses is included in the Carlsbad relocation package

San Diego golf at your fingertips

The San Diego Golf Guide covers all the important details on San Diego's favorite golf courses. Included are course descriptions, type, length, fees and contact information.
If you're a golfer who's moving to Carlsbad, you'll love this guide. If you're a non-golfer who's moving to Carlsbad, this may be the time to enjoy golf as a new hobby!

Carlsbad Magazine

8. Community Services Guide

After you've relocated to Carlsbad, you'll begin to understand what an active, community-oriented city it really is. This guide has a schedule of all the community activities offered by the city for residents to enjoy. From culture and the arts, to dance, summer camps and aquatics, Carlsbad has activities for you and all your family members.

A great place to live and play

Every season, the Community Services Guide highlights a new schedule of things do when you move to Carlsbad. Activities include, dance and fitness, preschool and early childhood, sports and things for the 50+ age group to enjoy.   Click here to order the Carlsbad relocation package. There is a $10 charge for postage..

Carlsbad Business Journal

9. Carlsbad Business Journal

Included in the Carlsbad relocation package is a copy of the Carlsbad Business Journal. Printed monthly by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and distributed to 40,000 readers, this publication has all the news on the dynamic Carlsbad business scene. This is essential reading for business people moving to Carlsbad.

A thriving business community!

Carlsbad is home to hundreds of small to mega-sized businesses - many of them are publicly-traded corporations. They range from biotech to computer to golf companies. The Carlsbad Business Journal has the latest on new businesses, old businesses plus all the general business news.    Click here to order the Carlsbad relocation package. There is a $10 charge for postage.

101 Things To Do In San Diego

10. 101 Things To Do In San Diego

When someone is moving to Carlsbad, one of the first things they look for is entertainment. This popular Carlsbad relocation brochure is loaded with tips on places to go and fun things to do. You can also sign up to receive the free San Diego event calendar every month by e-mail.
Here's where you'll find information on all that San Diego has to offer from dining, shopping, community events, sports and much more. Published monthly, 101 Things To Do In San Diego will help you get the most out moving to Carlsbad.

Enjoy life & have more fun

Every month new and different events are featured throughout San Diego County. Also included are various maps of the area, coupons and featured articles on special San Diego attractions.

Coast News

11. The Coast News

This is a very popular local newspaper that's distributed free to hundreds of locations each week. With a circulation of 28,000, The Coast News is widely read by local residents while they dine, enjoy coffee or just relax at home.

The real local news!

The focus of The Coast News is very local with even the smallest new items reported. Once you move to Carlsbad, you'll look forward to opening the latest issue to catch up on all the really local news. Founded in 1987 the company publishes editions for Oceanside, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe.

Carlsbad Magazine

12. Carlsbad Magazine

If you're moving to Carlsbad, you probably already know that it's one of California's most successful and prosperous cities. Carlsbad is home to many outstanding communities, amazing shops, many well-known companies and a magnet for retirees from around the world. Over the years, it's been on the "Finest Cities" list of many publications.

Telling the whole story

Every month, the Carlsbad Magazine highlights Carlsbad and it's lifestyle in glossy, full-color. Featured are homes and gardens, history, events, dining, the arts and great ads for Carlsbad's prominent businesses, services and establishments.   Click here to order the Carlsbad relocation package. There is a $10 charge for postage..

Dream Homes San Diego

13. Dream Homes San Diego

When your Carlsbad relocation package arrives, one of the first things you'll do is open up Dream Homes San Diego and start imagining your move to San Diego. This rich, full-color, glossy publication features some of San Diego's most beautiful and prestigious homes for sale.

The rich and famous lifestyle

Every month, Dream Homes San Diego highlights hundreds of San Diego's finest homes for sale. From Rancho Santa Fe to Coronado to La Jolla, it's a real treat to savor the full-color photos that present some our best luxury homes. The views, gardens, architecture and interior design will thrill you and make you want to find your own San Diego dream home!   Click here to order the free Carlsbad relocation package. There is a $10 charge for postage.

California Driver Handbook

14. - California Driver Handbook

If you're moving to Carlsbad from out-of-state and plan to drive a motor vehicle on our public roads and highways, you must apply for a California driver's license within 10 days. The official California Driver Handbook is included in the free Carlsbad relocation package to give you a head start on this important process,

California driving rules and regulations

The California Driver Handbook covers all the new laws, how to apply for a driver's license, rules of the road, the examination process and everything you need to know about driving a motor vehicle in California.

How to register a vehicle

When you move to Carlsbad from out-of-state, you'll probably be bringing a motor vehicle with you. The California Driver Handbook includes a section on vehicle registration requirements outlining how to register your vehicle when you relocate to Carlsbad.

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